Madhya Pradesh: High vacancy in 'general' category; women's share stagnates at 6% in police



Number of years it would take the country to have at least 33% women in police

At its current pace, Jharkhand will take 206 years to have 33% women personnel in police while Andhra Pradesh will take just 3 years.

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Percentage of people in jail awaiting completion of their trials.

With the exception of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, and Madhya Pradesh, the undertrial population of all states and UTs exceeds 60%.

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The only state to fulfill its quotas for SC, ST and OBC among police officers and the constabulary.

At the district court level, only Chhattisgarh and Telangana fulfilled their quotas for either SC, ST and OBC quotas. No state/UT could fulfill all three quotas.

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states/UTs that provided education to less that 5% inmates during 2021

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Number of states/UTs with police stations equipped with night-vision CCTVs.

Only Arunachal Pradesh reports having CCTV cameras in all 14 spots (as directed by the apex court) in all its 24 police stations.

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number of states/UTs work with a full complement of judges at both High Court and district court levels.

Only Sikkim reports a full judge roster at the High Court while only Chandigarh does so at the district court level.

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The reduction in number of Legal services clinics dropped from 14,159 (2020) to 4,742 (2022)

On average, one legal service clinic served 127 villages in 2022 - up from 42 in 2020.

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National average vacancy across 25 SHRCs in 2020-21.

Punjab SHRC reported the highest vacancy at 94%.

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